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In The Houzz: Babyccino & Co.

This month,
I hit the jackpot
when getting to do 
a Houzz hometour 
of the Adamo Family.

If you aren't family with the Babyccino Kids site,
well, you should be.

Even if you don't have kids,
Courtney's instagram will win you over.

Her life/family/style is just...  gorgeous.

So it was no surprise to find 
that her home in North London
near Hampstead Heath
was anything other than charming.

I got to go with my friend, Noah,
for the home shoot
and we had such a nice morning
working around the house
while the Adamos ate breakfast
and got ready for a weekend in the country.

Go on and check out the home tour...
and, in the meantime,
 enjoy a few outtakes 
from our fun morning 
with the Adamo family.

Check out my other home tours 
as Houzz' London contributor here.

*photography by Noah Darnell for Houzz
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In The Houzz (Sabrina + Sasha)

Since I have been so bored lately
and wihout much to do
(read: complete sarcasm),
I decided to take on a new role
as the London contributor for Houzz.

(I'll sleep when I'm dead.)

As the contributor,
I get to take a peek in people's houses 
and see what their lives are like...
and then I shoot them
-the houses, not the people-
and write about them for all the world to see
on Houzz's lovely site.

The first home that I had the privilege to feature
was the new digs of a sweet couple that I met
at the "7th of July" block party this summer.

The couple lives next to my friend, Lolly...
and I walked away from meeting them
and seeing their new home with stars in my eyes.

Sasha (Russian) + Sabrina (Canadian-American)
are two attorneys who are starting their lives together
in a really cute mews flat in South Kensington.

Not only are they attractive smarties (both are attorneys)
and their home ridiculously well curated,
but they are genuinely nice people, too.

Check out more snaps from their home tour here.

(And, okay, fine... if you wanted to leave a nice comment encouraging them
it probably wouldn't be a bad thing.)

*photography by Lauren Bryan Knight for Houzz

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In Your Dreams, Baby Mama.

My good friend Beth Dotolo
is kind of famous.

At least,
you won't be able 
to convince me otherwise.

You've probably heard of her 
super cool totally unique design company,

{If not, now you have!}

She designed our little nursery
which you may have seen
of our tiny flat from earlier this year.

{If not, now you have!}

You've probably already seen
that they are currently doing a giveaway
for a gorgeous nursery
worth $6000
together with Tottini.

{If not, now you have!}

The giveaway is open to US residents
and you can sign up
for your chance to win!

So what do you think?

Have you put your name in the hat to win?

{If not, now you should!!}

*    *   *

*photography by Kevin Dotolo

Peacock Alley: Lights, Camera... Hide.

Does anyone actually like to be filmed?

I think movie stars should be paid high salaries
because to be able to act normal while being taped
is one of the most impossible tasks I've ever encountered.

Skinny dipping?
Truth or dare?
The cinnamon challenge?

I'll step up to almost anything...
but ask me to stare in a camera and talk to myself?

Errr.... you might as well ask me to do it in Mandarin
while I'm at it.

* * *

Luckily, my day filming a little video
at Peacock Alley was a lot of fun.

The type of day that is right up my alley.

{Some pun with Peacock Alley should be made, but I can't think of it. Help?}

I got to play around the pretty linens,

catch up with my old friend, Laura,

and dream about what my house would have looked like
had I married an actual Kennedy
instead of that hot guy from my Business Law class.

{Since, obviously, so many of the actual Kennedy's were pursuing me.}

The only drawback was that I couldn't actually roll around in the beds
and take ridiculous pictures for your enjoyment/horror
since, apparently, showroom beds aren't exactly sturdy.

I know, I know...
I was just as disappointed as you are.

* * *

The video we shot is being edited by some cool people
and I'll share it with you when it's finished...

Unless my suspicions aren't confirmed
and I am indeed the world's biggest tool
with the most terrible voice in the world.

If that's the case,
just forget I ever mentioned it.

But don't forget how awesome Peacock Alley's line is.

Seriously, I wasn't the only one drooling on the stuff....

But the BEST part of the day?

Viola got a new line of bedding named after her.

That's right...
their new, gorgeous collection is called 

I mean I'm swelling with motherly pride.

I'm not sure she could win an Olympic gold medal
and I be any prouder.

She felt pretty awesome about it, too. 

It's coming soon... and you better believe
that it isn't going to be hidden on here. :)

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Pillow Giveaway? Happy Monday.

Unless you are in one of the royal residences,
living in London
forces you to become
selective on what items
enter your home.

I'd like to attribute my selective purchasing skills
to a cool, minimalist mentality...
but the truth is,
we just don't have the space!

With the absence of garages, attics, spare bedrooms, & closets,
comes the necessity to keep your life simplified.

Buying in bulk
is a concept I used to relish...
but now, we stock things 
in small quantities 
and on a need-to-have basis.

Otherwise, our tiny cabinets would pop open
and we would be swimming in random objects.

I've become relatively good at this.
except for one area:


I love pillows,
I can't stop adding them to our home,
& I can't throw any old ones away.

It's getting slightly awkward.

So luckily,
when a blog reader, Brittany,
showed me her new pillow line, BELQUIST,
my heart fluttered a bit.

With names like "Cyprus, "Lucerne," & "Bombay,"
it's clear to see how Brittany's travels have influenced 
her work designing the pillows.

She has done a fantastic job of creating 
a well-edited collection that goes well together...
and, in my opinion,
 would look great in most any room of my house.

Which is good
as I have two Belquist pillows 
that now need to find a space there.

And now one of you can share in my dilemma, too.

Enter below for your chance to score one.

As its open to US readers only,
I have no doubt the winner 
will have plenty of square footage
to give this prize ample room.

{Lucky you.}

{Editor's Note: I love when readers get to win prizes on here. Makes me happy.}

*I was given pillows as a product review for this giveaway. 
Just so you know. I really do like them, too!

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