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Italian Dream Fest

I shared some of our first moments in Lago Maggiore with you,
but you haven't seen the rest of the pictures....

And you should.

People as nice as you deserve a quick escape to somewhere fabulous
where the food is amazing & the weather is sunny & mild.

Thanks for all the kind notes regarding my grandmother.
The kindness you offer up in life's bigger moments never ceases to amaze me. 
It endears me to blogging in an inexplicable way.

As many of you mentioned, it is hard to be so far away during a time like this...
but I credit my family for establishing in me firm roots
that, regardless of distance, still allow me to feel very connected & very loved.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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How Lago Maggiore's Grand Hotel Majestic Changed My Life

Sometimes I gush about the food I've eaten,
type furiously about the sites I've seen,
or plead through these simple keys for you to understand 
the necessity to add certain things in your life.

Today, I'm going to simply let these pictures do the talking...

But what I think you're going to hear is this:

The Grand Hotel Majestic on Lago Maggiore is amazing,
and Luxury Link is the best/cheapest way to stay there.

{I mean... it included two massages, free breakfasts, a 2-course lunch & a room upgrade.}

 And please take note of the ENORMOUS rose bushes on the property.
I felt like a princess getting to walk on a layer of fallen petals 
when walking around the hotel garden. 

{Those are roses, right? Any gardeners out there to correct me?}

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy 

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Unlocking the Mystery Trip!

He did it.

He really did it.

Tyler scored an A+ on his Mystery Trip planning.

He met all of three unspoken rules I had passively given him:

1. A place that is awesome.
2. A place we had never been to together.
3. A place that would melt away my stress.

Yes, he really did it.

We woke up at 4am, 
hopped a taxi to a shuttle 
which drove us out to the airport,
took a plane to Milan
where we rented a car
and drove out to Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy.

When I saw the ticket for Milan,
I felt a wave of relief. 

I've been needing to feel relaxed in the way only Italy can make me.

In three words:
I'm in heaven.

Want to join our little vacation?
Take a peek through our trip...
afterall, three's company.

Our trip... in three words or less.

He did pretty good, right?
Well, at least I'm happy.

Wishing relaxing contentment to all of you!

{Bonus Points will be assigned for all comments made in three words or less! }

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy
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