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It's the Little Things: Kusmi Tea

I might have been born with a cheerful disposition, it's true.

My mom says that I was born sunny side-up...
though I think she's alluding more to the fact that I was, indeed, face up.

{Sorry, mom.}

I'm not sure that things don't bother me
like they seem to bother everyone else.

In fact, I can get really worked up 
over some really simple things.

{My good friends are nodding their heads and saying "Amen" right now.}

But maybe my reputation for always being cheerful 
comes from somewhere else....
I really enjoy small things!

Little aspects of a day can really captivate me.
It makes me feel great to stop and enjoy one small thing.

So today, I'm enjoying a little tea break while working from home.

All it takes is a few simple things 
to make my moment seem perfect.

My favorite glass, the Bodum Pavina.

A pretty tea strainer to do the magic.

Gorgeously fragrant kusmi tea that I brought back from Paris
The Prince Wladimir is orangey and floraly... 
and, well, I just love it.

It makes me feel like a lady.

I let it sit for a few minutes 
while I rummage through the cabinet for cookies wait.


It's ready.

I can perch in my favorite new chair
and enjoy the sunshine.

{Editor's note: Yes, it is 3pm and I'm still in a robe. Busted.}

What's a small way that you enjoy the day?

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy
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Why I Love: Cannon Lewis

It's modern,
it's ornate,
 it's absolutely luxe...

and seriously- how cute is Cannon?

I can't stand it really.

Between her three collections
Cannon offers an array of 
gorgeous jewelry
that is fitting to any personality.

{...well, any awesome personality.}

I've been watching her line grow for several years,
and felt completely validated when
Reese Witherspoon was spotted wearing her own piece
from Cannon's collection
earlier this month.

So go on,
all you non-student, 
successful-in-your-career ladies...

Cannon's lovely pieces in my honor.

{Just let me borrow it sometime?}
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Book It.

I've got books on the brain.

....And in my purse.
And my coffee table.
And my night stand.
And on the kitchen counter....

I have been such a book worm lately-
and its even begun infringing on my blog time.


Imagine how giddy I was to find this beauty that combines both my nerdy loves?

Made by Book-Book, 
this is a hand-distressed laptop case that's been
 cleverly disguised as a vintage book.

Im sold.

What are you reading right now?

**I just finished an fabulous book,
and thanks to a very special author...
one of you will get a signed copy of it!

{Details next week!}
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An Audrey Moment.

"Living is like tearing through a museum. 
Not until later do you really start 
absorbing what you saw, 
thinking about it,
 looking it up in a book, 
and remembering -
because you can't take it in all at once." 

— Audrey Hepburn

With the combined anniversary of Audrey Hepburn's death
and the 50th anniversary of the release of 
Breakfast at Tiffany's
this year,

I find myself having a bit of an Audrey moment today.

Here's one for you, too.

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This is cute, right?

It's a one page calendar 
that's simple, colorful, fresh, and... free.

And the best part-
It's free!

{Oh, did I already mention that?}

Cute, lil' ole, Memphis-lovin, Leslie 
made them up
and now you can print one out for yourself...
for free.

So you can dream about your approaching vacay, 
scan the month for a good weekend to host a party, 
and keep tabs of when you're busy and when you're...  free.

Click the link here to print one out for yourself.

Mines going on the fridge...
where do you keep your calendar?
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