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Med Degree: Tom Ford, Neroli Portofino

The other day, I was in John Lewis and made a new friend at the Tom Ford counter.

I mean, this guy was really awesome...
he's was an LA native in a killer suit 
with some sweet specs.

We discovered we had parallel lives as expats flopping between London & Paris,
got slightly emotional about the merits of dry oils,
& held each other as we confessed our desperation for sunshine.

Ok, now I'm exaggerating...
but one thing that happened for sure 
was that I fell head over heels for
Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino line.

The least provocative ad for Neroli Portofino one can find.
This stuff is the real deal.

It's such a steady scent of fresh notes of the Mediterranean
wrapped in a luxe essence that only Tom Ford could master.

It's the perfect fresh scent to get you ready to prance around a resort,
get you in the zone for a ladies lunch over mimosas,
or to accompany you on a night of mingling on a Southern Italian terrace.

{Yes, I reside in a constant mental state of fairy tales...
but it's much prettier there & way more fun.}

The luxe range is killer expensive
with a 3.4 oz bottle of perfume costing $265.

{The real winners of the line, IMO, are the parfume & body splash.}

But as the line is gender neutral,
if you can get your partner on board with how great it is...
you could possibly justify the splurge as a "joint purchase."

Neroli Portofino, Tom Ford: Shower Gel | Private Blend Bar Soap $35 | Candle $85
 50 ml Parfum $265 | Moisturizer $65 | Body Splash $70

Until I can convince Tyler to join in on the splurge,
I'll be enjoying the free samples my new friend sent home with me...
and dreaming of that future evening on the Mediterranean
dressed in a gauzy, white dress, 
oversized sapphires,
 & Neroli Portofino.

Do you have Neroli Portofino? 
Have you found it has increased your presence at Italian soirees & resorts?

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A Close Shave.

Recently, my husband took a turn into his mid-life
and celebrated his 30th birthday.

{30? Really?}

Since we have been a little "experience" heavy lately,
it was actually really hard to think of an activity
that was worthy of such a monumental day.

I'm not sure how well I actually did at the overall day...
but I know I did two things right.

The first was booking dinner at the OXO tower
overlooking the skyline of London.

(One point, me. One point for you, too, if you go when you visit London.)

The second was taking Tyler to 
to primp & pamper him.

This quirky salon is the brainchild of Ted Baker.

Apparently, after experiencing a traditional Turkish shave in Turkey (duh),
Ted came back and opened up a shop to recreate the experience.

It's pretty fantastic, I must say...
and it wasn't even me with the appointment!


The clothes the barbers wear are awesome Ted Baker clothes.
They all are the same... but they all rock.

You get treated to some mean Turkish coffee for you while you wait.

They move giant razor blades around men's throats like it's no big deal.

How smooooooth Tyler's face was for days. Lovely.

They have bowls of matches & combs to take for free...
except you may realize when you get home, they aren't actually matches...
they're condoms.

And I made a joke about never having "these" 
when I need them to the guy as I shoved a handful in my purse.

And he giggled.

{Editor's Note: Sign up for 'Anti-Moron' coaching class immediately.}

Oh well.. regardless of the impression I made there,
the important thing is: Tyler really liked it.

And that's good...
because now that he's 30,
there's not as much to be excited about.

I kid, I kid.

PS. Im headed to Scotland for a "wee" work trip today
where I'll be hopping around Edinburgh & the country for a few days.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Marion Cotillard- FOURSALE

Women here in France have such great style.

Where some people might attribute "messy hair" to Pinterest,
I credit the streets of Paris.

There is just an intelligently-disheveled look that I like very much.

Floppy buns tied messily into hair,
with faces shining simply with lipgloss.

Corduroy coats with toggles up top,
and opaque tights with worn flats below.

All together it creates a look that feels like Hermione Granger gone indie....

And it's awesome.

The girl that does this best {in my eyes} is Marion Cotillard.

Sure, she can look pristine on the Red Carpet....

She can look stunning in advertisements....

But my favorite look,
is the look that I first started liking in "The Good Year."

Perfectly simple. Perfectly French.

And how can I channel her loveliness? 

Well that might be impossible, 
but you better believe I'm going to try.

Miss Dior Cherie, $80 | Bioderma Make Up Remover €15.25 | TopShop Striped Dress, £15

And today, I'm offering a FOURSALE of my favorite French cosmetic product....
BIODERMA Crealine H2O Make-Up Remover.

I bet you've heard of it, haven't you?

I first learned about it from Gwyneth on GOOP
and have been a believer since I furiously ran out and bought some.

This pink-capped bottle is legendary here... 
and only here, as it not widely sold outside of France.

It's like putting water on your face, it's seriously so gentle.
No stinging eyes. No oily residue. 

Just a perfectly clean face.

I went to grab a bottle for Helena the other day,
threw in a bottle for myself...
and thought that some of you might want some, too.

It's seriously fantastic... and the bottles are really big.
{I just finished off a bottle after 1 year.}

As always, first come... first served.

{Update: SOLD OUT.}

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Sunday Funday: Italian Style

Some of you write me emails or comments
saying how exhausting my schedule is.

You're worn out from my crazy schedule.
You can't keep up with where I am this week.
You get tired just reading about all the places we go.

I typically don't reply... 
because I'm too tired to think of a witty response!

You're right-
I don't stop.

I get too excited about every day
to pause and let myself relax.

I need to join the local chapter of
Adventurers Anonymous.

Today though,
our bodies were begging to stop.

So we didn't set an alarm,
and decided to sleep in.


It felt glorious.

And guess what? 

It's 10:30 pm, 
and we are headed to bed with a movie
& plans of falling quickly asleep.

That's what the sabbath is all about, right?

Here are the simple makings 
to my day of relaxation...
with a Tuscan twist.

shampoo | movie | ice cream sandwich | butter nail polish | pizza 

How do you unwind?
Bubble bath? Tea? Books?

{All tips are welcome!}
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Pink Eye

This morning, 
I used a voucher I bought earlier in the spring
 on for a day at the spa.

I paid £20 for a 30 minute massage, 30 minute facial, 
30 minute body wrap, & eyebrow shaping.

Sound too good to be true?

I was worried about that, too.

My trek to the spa was a bit further than anticipated-
in fact, my cab fare cost more than the voucher itself.

Upon walking in, it was obvious that the actual salon 
was basically the exact opposite of your resort spa experience.

No lounging in fluffy robes in a serene waiting room.
No leather massage tables with heating pads and fluffy sheets.
No overhead speakers quietly playing music interspersed with faux cricket chirps.

 Martine's Beauty Spot was in the second floor of an office building...
in a business park...
in the middle of a small nearby village (Abingdon)...
& looked like the type of joint Frenchy would have worked at

But honestly-
it was one of the best facials & massages I've ever had.

I didn't care that I was surrounded by cinder-block walls painted pepto-pink
and that the squiggly IKEA mirrors hanging nearby were dusty...
I was just happy that I had paid £20 for such amazing treatments.

The staff was so friendly and talented.
They were even accommodating to me arriving a half hour late.

So would I take ten days like this at Martine's 
over a over-the-top morning at the Four Seasons?


In honor of feeling a little like a princess
(even though I did take the bus home to save some money),
I'm indulging in some pink today.

Not quite the same shade of pink of the walls at Martine's... but, eh, it's pretty close.

Molton Brown, Pink Peppercorn Bath Gel, $17.50 | Reiss Shirt £110 | Marc Jacobs Bracelet $78 
Sheyna Earrings £52.00  | Pilot Precise V5 $7.62 | Cocktail Image | Door Image

*I love the Pilot Precise oh-so-much. I take it as a personal duty to convert as many people to using them as possible.

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