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Come one, come all | Girls Night Out

Hey, wanna do dinner sometime?

I know a good pizza place
in Notting Hill- Otto.

(In fact, you've probably seen me instagram from it quite frequently.)

This won't be anything fancy or formal...

Just a way to hang out and get together
for some chatting and good food...

Like "good food" as in 
"two hot chocolate chip cookies 
straight from the oven
separated by a mountain of vanilla ice cream" good.

(aka- the best kind of good)

So who's invited?

If we've met before, you're invited!

If we haven't, you're invited, too!

If you just moved to London,
don't know anyone
and would feel super awkward coming-
hey, you're invited, too!

(In fact, you may need to be there the most. It's lonely being in a new country!)

* * *

Monday, Jan 13th
(yes, like this Monday)
at 6:30pm.

No pre-paying or anything
for this shindig.

Just RSVP to me
so I can know how many people
will be there for the fun.

Happy Weekend!

*images via

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A Surprise Hen At the Daylesford Organic Farm

Three years ago,
I would think that the title of this post
would guarantee a story of a chicken
would be about to unfold.

But guess what...
it's not!

A "hen" (or "hen-do" or "hen party")
is what ye olde Brits call bachelorette parties.

So surprise!

This isn't a blog post about chickens...
it's about a girls weekend away
celebrating my friend, Amber
and her upcoming wedding.

We surprised Amber with a weekend away
to a undisclosed location.

I came over an hour before we were leaving,
helped her pack a suitcase
with weird, vague scenarios she might encounter.

(Example: Pretend you are going to be in the "It's All Good" cookbook photoshoot.)

Amber thought I was crazy...
which makes her very intuitive.

We hopped the bus,
arrived at Paddington
and- surprise- all of her ladies
were waiting for her at the Paddington Bear statue.

We hopped a train,
gave her a box of clues,
and before we were out of the city-
our destination was revealed:
a ladies weekend at the famous 
Daylesford Organic Farm 
in the Cotswolds.

We had such an amazing time.

I really can't think of a prettier and more relaxing weekend.

We stayed in the Wild Rabbit Inn,
had a group yoga class,
got a visit to the spa for massages,
and took a four hour cooking class.

Now, I can hear your thoughts:
Lauren, you're supposed to be cheap.
This place looks fannnnncy.

Who do you think you are, Nora Ephron?

It was, but going as a group helped out the pricing so much!

We paid for our hotel separately, 
but for the yoga, 45 minute massages + cooking class
it was only around £160 per person.

That's not terrible for two days of activities...
especially of this caliber.

(And this group of girls was a pretty awesome one to share it with.)

Personally, I have to say,
it far trumps my bachelorette party,
which was so much of a disaster
I'm not even going to talk about here.

*    *   *

What do you think?
Is this your type of girls weekend
or would you spend that £160 on a flight to Ibiza?

(Personally, this girly weekend was my Gwyneth-y cup of tea.)

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy
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Rise To The Occasion

On Friday,
there was a small table
of really nice people
having a great time
over some awesome soufflés
at Dallas' beloved 

It was such a great time,
and- as admittedly awkward as those parties can be at the beginning-
turned out to be a FUN evening.

It's always so refreshing (and dare I say, "flattering?")
to meet people who read my blog.

The internet can be a tricky place
with false identities (ahem, Aspiring Kennedy?)
and tiny little profile pics...

You can never be too sure about who you're meeting out there.

So to show up and meet completely awesome/normal people
really floored me.

I can't believe that such cool people 
 take the time to read my blog.

I'm not even sure my own mom reads it.

Ok, I'm drifting...

All that to say,
I was on a high from getting to hang out 
with so many sweet ladies.

Thanks for coming out-
blogger meet-ups wouldn't be nearly as fun
if no one was there to actually meet up!

And now, 
some pictures
to prove that it actually happened.

the set-up.
fancy fizzy water
viola got some swag from the party. a sophie giraffe from helen! merci. :)
getting our instagrams on... #dallasbloggerbash
marshmallow soup  with floating "marshmallows" of mini goat cheese souffles!
crab souffle.
les femmes du blogging :)
bread pudding soufflé
table dancing.
me & my co-host, beth dotolo.
this strawberry souffle has been on my mind ever since the party. gorgeous!
last ladies standing. closing down the party!

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Don't forget-
tonight's the 

We will be meeting 
from 6-8:30
at one of my favorite restaurants
(in the entire world),

My favorite: Marshmallow Soup with "marshmallows" made of goats cheese. Mmm...

It's gonna be 
Beth Dotolo of Pulp Designs
and myself relaxing 
with some ridiculously good souffles
with nice people around us.

So, if you think you're a nice person, too...
we want you there!

There are a few spots still available
(three to be exact),
so if you'd like to join us
email me at
so I can get you on the list.

Whether you blog, read blogs,
follow along on Instagram or whatever...
you're invited!

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Dallas Blogger Party

Hey Y'all Pillow, Two Peaches Etsy. $29.

If you've been following along
you may have noticed
I've crossed over the pond
and am residing in the US
for the month of August.

Tyler had to work
and I figured
I should be here in the sun
instead of alone in our flat
taking care of a baby
all by my lonesome.


I am obsessed with these custom/affordable pillows from Two Peaches. $29!

So here I am,
back in Texas.

And here (some of) you are, too.

Wanna meet up?

Beth Dotolo & I are having a get together
(a really casual, super-fun get together)
to meet up with some of Dallas' finest...
and then regular people, like us.

It'll be next Friday, Aug 16th here in Dallas.

Details to come, 
but go ahead and plan on being there
that evening.

We can't wait to meet & mingle with you!

Let me know if you'd be interested below
so I can know what/where to plan this thing.

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