Q: I want to live in England. What do I need to do?

A: I do! And I recommend you try living overseas sometime in your life. It's amazing.

BUT... you have to get a visa to move to a new country and those are tricky. I've blogged about it before here if you are looking for more on the subject.


Q: I can read your daughter's name, Viola... but I don't know how to pronounce it.

A: It's pronounced like the name "Violet," but with an "ah" at the end (VI-oh-la). It's not like the instrument (VEE-oh-la) or your great-aunt's name (vi-OH-la). 

It kinda sounds like the word "viaduct."

Viola is named after my grandmother and, also, the heroine of Shakespeare's Twelfth Knight- a separated twin... though we had chosen the name years ago.

Don't worry- you won't offend me if you say it complete wrong in person. I know it's a tricky one!


Q: How are you guys doing with the loss of Baby B?

A: Thanks for asking. You don't know how much it means that people care about us and value the little life of our daughter. It makes this whole thing a bit more bearable.

We, overall, are okay. Somedays we hardly remember it happened. Other days, it follows us around like a big, dark cloud.

Knowing Viola and watching her grow makes it easier and harder all at the same time. It's easy to imagine what we lost since we have her identical twin. 

It's a crappy situation to find yourself in, but we thank God for his kindness to us through it all. We really are thankful and looking on to a bigger picture. (What other hope is there?)


Q: What is your job?

A:  I work as the Director of UK + France study abroad programs for an American university. I oversee students + faculty during their time overseas, take them on group trips, and coordinate their housing, classes, food, etc.

I know, I know, it sounds like the perfect job. And for me, it is! But don't be fooled: it's a hard job and there is a high burn-out rate because of the intense hours and burdensome responsibility. It's not for everyone. I talk about here on this vlog.


Q: How did you get it? How can I get a job like that, too?

A: I immigrated myself legally via my husband's student visa- I got a dependent visa allowing me to work in the UK. From there, I emailed the dean of this school's program and got lucky with timing.

My advice is: find a way to move here first and THEN look for a job like this. Your resume ("cv") won't even get looked at otherwise, since you wouldn't be allowed to be legally hired otherwise.


Q: What type of camera do you use?

There are three types of cameras used for this blog. The first is a Nikon J1. It's my standard camera when I travel. I love it because it takes great pictures and is smaller than a regular DSLR. These take pictures like the ones featured in this post.

I also use my iPhone for pictures. You can see these types of photos in a post like this. 

Finally, I have some fancy pictures taken professionally on a camera that is super nice and way above my pay grade. I have no idea what those are shot on. You'll see these in a post like this.


Q: What does Tyler do?

Tyler is doing a start-up, and I think it's awesome. We both work long hours, but have a lot of flexibility when and where we do them.


Q: Do you have any advice on traveling with kids?

I do! I've posted about it here and here.


Q: I love the font you use on your site. What is it?

A: Actually, it's not a font. It's hand-drawn calligraphy by the talented Tara Jones.

I had it drawn up for my very first site back in 2010, and it's been a part of Aspiring Kennedy ever since!