A Piece of Work.


Our walls are pretty naked.

For as much as I love to collect art pieces and prints along our travels,

I have the hardest time bringing it all together.


Will someone please come help me hang them?

I'll pay you back in yummy biscuits and coffee. 


Can I add some of these gorgeous photographs

by Lupen Grainne to my frameless collection?


I think they are so pretty, and I want them all over our home.



Those peonies are a perfect mixture of soft + strong.


I love this apartment building


I love that one,

and this one, too.


You can see more of her work in her etsy shop.


Does hanging art totally paralyze anyone else?

I'm just so daunted by it...

maybe it's a renter's thing.


I'm not sure I was so (nail)gun shy

when we owned our own house.





*images by Lupen Grainne