A couple summers back,

Tyler had to spend a month in India

for his final project at Oxford.


I was busy with work here 

so I wasn't able to go

until the last two weeks.


While he traveled everywhere

during those weeks without me,

I got to join him on the tail end

for the real highlights:

New Delhi, Agra

and a week in at a villa in Goa.





LE MERIDIEN DELHI: You know when you see movies or pictures of Asian hotels and think "Is that real?," well... that's how this place was upon entering. It was huge and opulent to a degree I have never experienced. Rooms are very westernized and the service amazing. If they offer chai upon arrival, say yes. It's a treat.


TAJ MAHAL: If you're staying in Delhi, carve out a day to trek to the nearby town of Agra. While it's only about 50 kilometers away, it will be about a 4 hour journey by car because of the insane traffic. Most hotels can link you up with a driver for a fee. Read about how we saved money on our visit in my post here.

DILLI HAAT MARKET: This outdoor market is a must when you visit Delhi. It's a bit of a sanctuary from the chaos of the streets (as it charges a small admission to enter). Find souvenirs like sandals, bracelets and small homewares inside. Read my full post about it here.





NOI VARO: This villa was incredible. With meals prepared, a private pool, and staff you would have thought we would be millionaires to stay there. We were pampered with delicious meals and in-home reflexology massages (1 hour for $6!). Well, we weren't- and still aren't. We were there in low season and the prices were great. The owner has several neat properties that I definitely recommend for your stay in India. 


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