Have you just moved to London

and aren't sure where to start?


It's overwhelming

to uproot your life

and suddenly find yourself in a new place.


If you're looking for help on all the logistics of moving to London,

you'll definitely need to join the American Expats in London Page on Facebook. 

It will make your life so much easier to have thousands of expats ready to help and give advice.


I try to host regular meet-ups

that give a place for nice, normal girls

(like you & me)

a chance to get to know each other.



They're really fun...

and everyone always feels slightly awkward coming to them.


And don't worry, 

you won't be the only one

who doesn't know anyone there.


Keep an eye out for the next party!


They're fun, full of people looking to connect

and always at the most delicious places.


Hope to see you there!