The Lovely Drawer | Quinoa Crusted Fish & Chips


Quinoa? Crusted? Fish and Chips? Yup. You read that right! Teri has taken perhaps the most classic of British staples and put a new twist on it. Not only is it a healthy twist, but it totally works... and totally will keep your heart from racing at full-speed like a normal portion of greasy fish + chips will.

Plus, the ingredients are really simple, so it's a great meal for cooking healthy on a budget.

Way to go, Teri. You amaze me again! Check out more of Teri's amazing creativity and craftiness on her really beautiful and totally slick blog, The Lovely Drawer.


Fish and chips is usually the first thing that pops into my mind when you say 'British seaside’. It conjures up images of families huddled on a bench, coats zipped up, soaking in the blistering cold sea air and the pebbly beach in front. There might be a distant fairground or arcade tune as background music and there will probably be an argument with a greedy seagull eyeing up your food. Ok this may be very stereotypical but perhaps there’s more than a shred of truth in there. There’s no recreating that battered cod and greasy chips in any other scenario. It just doesn’t quite do it justice but I came up with a slightly more nutritious version that’s kinder on the heart and you can enjoy it in the warmth of your own home. You still have to cover your chips with the obligatory flood of vinegar until your eyes water though. That’s an order.


Ingredients (Serves 2)


2 fresh cod fillets

Roughly 2 Cups of uncooked quinoa

Sprinkling of Paprika

2 lemons 

2 medium sized sweet potatoes

Cornmeal for dusting

Garlic salt

1 garlic clove

3/4 Cup frozen peas

Handful of mint

1 Cup Greek yoghurt

Handful of chives

Salt & pepper

Olive oil



1. Preheat the oven to 375F and line a baking tray.

2. Peel the sweet potatoes and cut into chunks. (I softened them slightly in the microwave to speed up cooking.)

3. Prepare the fish by squeezing half a lemon on top and seasoning with salt, pepper and paprika. Drizzle with some of the olive and rub into the fish. 

4. Pour the quinoa into a bowl and add garlic salt. Then dip each fish fillet into the quinoa to coat it. Transfer to the baking tray. 

5. Bake in the oven for about 25 mins. Check the fish along the way and if the quinoa looks as if it’s getting too dark in colour then cover with foil for the rest of the cooking time.

6. Meanwhile cook the peas. Then pulse in a blender with the mint, lemon juice from half a lemon, garlic, salt and pepper and a very small drizzle of olive oil. Pulse until the consistency is mushy but not yet a liquid.

7. Then make the lemon and chive sauce by mixing the chives, juice of half another lemon and a pinch of paprika into the greek yoghurt. Chill.

8. Drizzle the sweet potato chips with olive oil and cover with cornmeal.  Heat some oil in a pan and fry in batches. The cornmeal should give the outside a crispy coating.

9. Then assemble the whole meal when the fish is cooked. Make sure the fish flakes away as you’d expect. Serve with the remaining lemon in wedges for squeezing eat in true British style with malt vinegar and ketchup! 





*images original by The Lovely Drawer for Aspiring Kennedy