The Lovely Drawer | Broad Bean Bruschetta


What is that noise?

Is that...

yup, I thought so.

It's the faint sound

of people around the world

reading this blog

clapping in delight

that Teri from

The Lovely Drawer

is back with another recipe?

I'm joining in with you

and singing the praises

of all of her gorgeous food creations.

(Remember that gorgeous Victoria Sponge? Oh mama.)

I'll let her introduce this tasty new dish

that she's whipped up for us.

Don't forget to read this in your mind

with a British accent (like Teri has)...

it's so much more fun that way.

*  *  *

These bruschetta's are a yummy snack or an easy way to add colour to your party food. Broad beans may not instantly fill you with mouth watering excitement, but stick with me. The combination of flavours is so fresh and zesty that you may well be singing this humble little bean's praises. 

How to:

1) First cook your broad beans. In the name of speed I fried mine in a pan with the garlic, a drizzle of olive oil and a teeny bit of water.

2) Once cooked allow them to cool. Meanwhile heat up the grill.

3) Rub the slices of bread with a little olive oil 

and then toast lightly under the grill.

4) Meanwhile blitz the broad beans, mint, Parmesan, lemon, rock salt and a few glugs of olive oil. Blend until it becomes a paste. I left mine a little chunky for texture.

5) Spoon the broad bean mixture on top of your toasted sour dough slices and then sprinkle over your feta. Garnish with a mint leaf and some black pepper. 

*  *  * 


What did I tell you?

This girl is good.

And the good news for us

is that she's going to be sending us these

little nuggets of love

every month

from now on.

I don't typically do outside contributors,

but since she's a good friend

and she makes AMAZING food...

I just had to


ask her to do this on the regular.