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“The secret to telling a great story is living one, and Lauren, her husband, and adorable babies live a great life, whether it is adventures in Italy or France, or closer to her home in London. But the reason we all relate so well to Lauren and root for her is she lets us in on her challenges and heartbreak, so that we all know we are not alone, and that life is still wonderful. “

- Annie Fitzsimmons, National Geographic

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Aspiring Kennedy started in 2010 after I had, jokingly, referred to myself as an “aspirational Kennedy” in a company email. Later that day, my friend Laura walked in my office, told me I need to start writing down my nonsense somewhere, and handed me the login info for an empty blog called, "Aspiring Kennedy."

After nine years, the site is no longer empty. It's transformed into a diary of our always changing life and become a hub for our daily doings. It has seen us quit our jobs, study at Oxford, become parents, lose a child, change career paths entirely, and travel everywhere while doing so.

Our life is chaotic, messy, and wonderful. I share it here as a way to remember.

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