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If you’ve just stumbled upon it for the first time today, you’ll quickly see that we have three children, Viola, Harrison & Edith. They’re hilariously fun and take every ounce of our energy to keep up with on a daily basis. We love them wildly, and I don’t take for granted these sweet days with them.

If you’re not new to this blog, you’ll know that there are actually four children in our family. We lost a daughter in delivery in 2013, and while she isn’t mentioned on this blog very often, she is very much in our hearts and the 6th member of this family.

Sharing your pregnancy with the internet is, admittedly, a strange thing, but it takes an even weirder turn when you walk out of the hospital without one of the babies you had publicly announced to the internet. However, I will forever vouch for the kindness and goodness of “the internet” from the love that was given to our family during that horrible time. I can’t adequately explain the experience of how good and loving so many faceless people were to us. If I never got around to writing you the reply that you deserved, please hear me know: Thank you.

Thanks for always making this place a space that I can honestly share the joys and heartaches of parenting. (And for being so kind when I so obviously fail!) I only hope that in, some small way, you can be uplifted by what is shared here, too.

And now… enough of the gushy, sappy stuff and back to the squishy baby cheeks and messy house pictures.