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The other week, I posted an Instagram of some shoes from The Real Real- I LOVE THIS SITE. It's used designer clothes, and the prices are amazing. I've found some great things, and they are always so much cheaper than I can even find on eBay. Plus, I know they are "real," and that I won't get ripped off by some crazy internet wacko.

All that to say, I love it and trust it. Last summer, I bought some used Lanvin flats on eBay. (This was before The Real Real existed!) I have grown to really love them, and seem to work them into most outfits I own. It didn't hurt to see so many gorgeous women wearing well-worn pairs of their own around Paris this week either. Validation? Mais, oui.

I was SO excited to see that The Real Real has a great selection of gently used shoes... and, ding! ding! ding! They have Lanvin flats, too. The most expensive pair that I found when I was browsing (read: filling up my online shopping cart with a million things I can't afford) was $125... which, compared to new ones at $800, made me so happy.

Here are some of my favorites. Since there are only one pair of each, they go fast. Keep checking the site for new items. What I'm introducing to is a great/terrible thing.


ONE   |   TWO   |   THREE   |   FOUR   |   FIVE   |   SIX


Have you ever bought a cult item like these? did you end up becoming a lifelong fan or feel underwhelmed? I've definitely felt underwhelmed from other purchases, but these shoes have me hooked.





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Two Years.


My daughter is two years old today. I can't tell you how much I love it. I know people always say that it flies by, and sometimes- I know what they mean. In so many ways, I can remember life before being a mom. The luxury of doing whatever I wanted and using my time as I pleased is not lost on me. But, I also feel like two years ago is nearly a lifetime ago. 

The relationship that we have with Viola is so sweet, and it's the result of so many hours spent together. Memories made (though she won't remember!), milestones met, and a million boring moments just spent together in between. I'm so thankful that I get to be her mother and get a front row seat to her childhood. These birthdays will keep ticking away, so for the time I've got her near me- I'm trying hard to savour it.

There's a ton I could tell you about her personality- she's sweet, shy to strangers, working hard to become funny, and content to be anywhere as long as she is with mom & dad (in fact, she has crawled onto my lap as I type this sentence). We love her so much.

While she may be two, she still insists on being held as she falls asleep. She can't shake not having someone by her as she goes to bed. If she can't go to sleep, all you need to do is pull her close, wrap your arms around her and put your cheek next to hers. Just like her sister did as they lay cheek to cheek with each other for all those months. And in turn, she'll pat your cheek back, rub your arm and fall deep asleep.

I love it and I hate it all at the same time. It's a daily reminder that she did have a sister... but it is one that I'm glad to have. My heart swells when I watch her do something funny or cute. In those moments, Tyler & I look at each other and nod. We are both thinking the same thing: Can you imagine if they were both here? 

If you want to know the truth, sometimes I'm not sure we can still really imagine it. Having two girls was something that slipped out of our hands before we ever got to feel it. Sometimes the memory of having twins feels like a dream that I was woken from... one that felt so real, but the details have gone fuzzy.

For a time, it was our reality,  but now we live in one that is so different. We have one daughter that is two years old. We have one that died at two days old.  God's pulled us to something new, and we're doing our best to live in it with joy.

So here's to the sweetest little girls I've ever known. Both our girls. Our daughters. We celebrate your lives, and love you more than we can say.


*   *   *


Also, thank you. I feel like I'm constantly ending posts like this with the same line, but I mean it. Thanks for being a part of this weird journey with us. It's much less awkward when you're going down it with kind people. I hope everyone who finds themselves in grief can have people like you around them to make it bearable. 

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Viola's Party Favor | iPhone6 Giveaway!


Viola is turning two tomorrow, and we are in Paris celebrating at Disney. You're kindly obliging us with kind comments on social media and celebrating with us during the fun.... so, it's time to pass out a little favor from this party.

Boxes of conversation hearts? Plastic bags of crayons and play-doh? 

Or.... how about a brand new iPhone 6? Yes? Yes!

THREE Mobile is generously gifting one reader of Aspiring Kennedy a new, unlocked 16GB iPhone 6. (So yes, it will work on any network!) No strings attached. £600 value and it's yours for the taking... assuming you win, that is.


My real camera is currently suffering from some "technical difficulties," so I'm 100% taking photos on my iPhone these days. With apps like Afterlight and VSCO Cam, I really haven't felt the pangs to get my "real" camera fixed. The iPhone6 does an amazing job capturing everything... and it's so much less of a hassle than remembering to bring our other camera. (Plus, the App Store offers one of largest selections of apps in the world, so the options are endless when you're looking for ways to make your pictures look gorgeous and help make traveling easier.)

Enter below to win by commenting with an app makes your life better when traveling- as well as a few other options for additional chances to win. GOOD LUCK. I wish I could give each of you a pretty, new iPhone, but I've only got one to give. And a big thank you to THREE Mobile for spoiling someone awesome.






*image by Noah Darnell for Aspiring Kennedy

*Giveaway open to UK residents only. Contest closes March 23rd, 2015. Winner will receive Space Grey iPhone6 as prize, no cash value. Void where prohibited.



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Somedays I dream of the days when I would wander Oxford and Paris without an agenda. I wasn't rushed, I could savor the idea of a new project and take a few days to play with the idea in my head before spending hours executing it, I'd meet anyone at anyone, I could shop the sales racks judiciously to craft a perfect outfit for pennies, and I'd always get a milkshake from Moo Moo's.

So my free time is shorter these days, but, in many ways, sweeter. Here are a few ways that I relax.

1. Walking around Portobello Road Market on Saturday mornings before everyone else gets up. I get a cup of coffee, a pastry from some posh bakery and wander around like a tourist.

2. On Wednesdays, I have the entire day free from class and work. Tyler graciously gives me half the day to meet up with friends, have people over for lunch or ...  whatever.

3. I will stay (read: hide) in the bathtub for a solid hour. By the time I finally get in there, I just can't find the will to make the experience any shorter. I don't even wash my hair all that often. I have no clue what I'm doing in there. Staring at the ceiling, I think. Smelling good soap that makes me feel less spastic. Shaving the back of my legs which are always alarming hairier than I think they should be.

4. And at night when Viola goes to bed, I plop open my laptop, click on The Good Wife and do mindless nonsense. We flick on the kettle and make cups of tea for ourselves... without the worry of giving our toddler third-degree burns. 

The past few weeks, I've been upping the luxury of the moment with a pot of JING flowering tea. Not only does it taste great, but it looks and feels so pretty. Since I've been enjoying their flowering teas that have green tea buds, it especially feels like the perfect cleanser for the end of the day. (Green tea was the first tea I ever liked, so it's such a comfort drink for me.) 

The quality of the tea is hard to beat  (JING is served in 50+ Michelin starred restaurants around the world- it is fancy!). Even though the company has a mighty distribution, the company is still really small and hands on... and the price makes it a daily treat I don't have to feel guilty for enjoying.

Happy Friday- JING is giving away this killer set worth over £200 that has everything you need for the complete tea time experience. You'll have to invite me over to have a cup of this class. 

Enter below for your chance to win a JING tea-iere, four double walled glasses, a tea timer, two varieties of flowering jasmine tea, Assam Breakfast Tea (50 grams) and Earl Grey Tea (50 grams).


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*open to UK residents only. Void where prohibited.


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Risked It. Worth It.

This week in London has been amazing- no classes (reading week!), sunshine and warm(er) temps, and getting to spend time with friends & family. 

And the best part of this week? We are headed to Paris on Friday morning for a long weekend for Viola's birthday- because what says "Happy 2nd Birthday!" like one more Disney run before your annual passes expire? We can't think of one.

So off to Paris we go. I'm writing down our packing list now. (Nespresso pods for AirBnB apartment, continental hair straightener, Minnie Mouse ears, etc.) And I'm tossing in the fabulous new boots that I recently got... my favorites are getting worn in the soles and these back-ups were a faster option than tracking down a cobbler.

£45! Free shipping! Free returns! Black, brown or grey- they match everything. Won't hurt my feelings to get them a little messy and actually wear them. I love you ASOS.


Check out the Risked It Boot on ASOS now. They're (almost) too good to be true. 





*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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