Little Biscuits: Cute enough to eat.


Remember that AMAZING illustration that Hannah did of our family?

You know, this one that I am casually showing off... again. 




(Geesh, I love it.)


Well, now Hannah has taking her talent to the masses.


Through her cool new site, Little Biscuits,

you can have your little one made immortal 

with her crafty skills.




How it works:

You pay for the goods...

and then you get EIGHT versions of your darling

like notepads, portrait, cupcake toppers, bookplates, party invitations, etc.




Then, once you have the files, you can do whatever you want

to continue the fun through sites like Zazzle.




Umm... wrapping paper with your kid's face on it?

Too cool.




It's so fun seeing cool talent turn into tangible goods.


And you'll like Hannah, too.

Her little brood is too cute for words.



Check out Little Biscuits here

and visit the blog for great ideas 

for your custom illustrations!


Do you have something special like this from your childhood?

A momento that perfectly captured you? I'm such a sucker for keepsakes like this.


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Crepe, Crepe, Crepe.




Oh, how I love them so.


My favorite crepes

either have Nutella, almond & coconut inside them...

or spoonfuls of Speculoos and strawberries.


There's a little window

sitting off a little shop

on Rue des Rosiers

(just next to the Kusmi Tea store)

that makes my favorite crepes.



The only way to find it is to look for the old sign above

called "La Drougerie."

The man serving at the window

is nothing short of an artist.

No Speculoos, here, but if you're not up for the standard Nutella concoctions,

try the cinnamon, sugar & butter for a real treat.

I also can't resist a cup of their homemade

Moroccan mint tea for €1 in a pretty decorative glass.



The prices are great...

and the proximity to L'As du Fallafel 

makes it a double win.


*   *   *


Also, if you're in the mood to try out something really special,

make a reservation at Breizh Cafe....

which is an entire restaurant devoted to crepes!


Sweet crepes, savoury crepes... mmm.

From start to finish, you'll be in a bit of Bretagne heaven.


It sits about 30 feet from our front door and I rubberneck the food

every time I pass by the windows.


It's such a treat

and perfect for your trip to Paris!





*photos by Noah Darnell

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Channeling my Inner (Julia) Child


It's hard to think of France

and not think of great food.


The two go together 

like jambon + fromage,

like a crepe + nutella,

like steak + frites....


well, you get the idea.


While I've taken my chances

with coq au vin

and the unbreakable quiche,

I would never dare to dabble 

in the realm of the French baked arts.


You have to be born into that skill

and sworn into a secret society of bakers

to learn those skills.


After a couple of hours

at La Cuisine Paris,

I can officially say

that you can be American-born

and make great French pastry.


I'm living proof.


the best part of making choux pastry? no kitchen aid mixer required. i can make it in my tiny london flat!

the best part of making choux pastry? no kitchen aid mixer required. i can make it in my tiny london flat!


And as for learning all the heavily guarded French pastry secrets?


Well, they don't exist.


As my teacher, Diane, told us:

"There are no secrets.

Only techniques."



I'll also add that this 

is a great addition 

to your Paris trip.


It's amazing location right off the Seine

near Hotel De Ville

makes it an easy (and scenic) place to spend an afternoon.

What better souvenir

than the chance to bring

the spoils of a French patisserie

back home with you?

We took the choux pastry class,

but they have loads more to choose from

like macarons, croissants and brioche.



So add a few hours learning a French specialty

 to your next Paris trip...


and send me some of your creations.

(Especially any pistachio flavored ones.)



80 Quai de l'Hotel de Ville

75007 Paris





*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Flower Power: Viola Wedding Wear



In the search to put together 

an outfit for Viola's flower girl debut, 

I spent a lot of time searching the corners of the internet

in efforts to put together a cute look.


(This was a surprisingly harder task than I originally imagined.)


So for the sake of sharing the love,

here are all the pieces

that put her cute little look together

for Amber and Tyler's Hawaii wedding.


I, personally, thought she looked cute enough to eat.




I wish I could offer a good resource for the floral wreath,

but my mom made it out of a lei

and some left over bits from when doing the centerpieces

about 20 minutes before the ceremony...


But the rest is yours via the magic of online shopping. 














*photography via Tamiz Photography


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Looser Lundi

Today was almost a great day...

until the second half of the day happened.


Teething babies, time cooking dinner that resulted in a nearly inedible result, and then the realization that I made a huge mistake on a private client's trip.


By the time Tyler got home from a diaper run,

I was teary-eyed and over the day.


He's consoled me by turning on Shakespeare in Love, handing me a Magnum Bar

and leaving me to it while Megan chatted me back into a better mood.


Will it all be fine in the morning?


Honestly, not really...

I'll still have a lot of work to re-do, apologies to make,

and a baby with about a million more teeth to cut.


But will it be eventually fine?




And will I someday wish back these crazy days?


Yeah, I think so.


But for today,

let's just say that "Monday"

translates into "hot mess" around the world.


Hold your head up high people,

we've got four days till the weekend.



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