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After several years working in corporate America, we got a brief chance to jump across the pond and spend a year in Oxford, England. We jumped at the opportunity and, nearly 9 years later, still find ourselves in England.

This country has been the backdrop for some of the most significant years of our lives as we grew from a couple into a family. We are constantly pinching ourselves and asking if this is really our lives. Though, as any expat can tell you, life in another country can bring it’s fair share of difficulties.

While we are still very much American in many facets of our life, it’s hard to deny the impact living here has had on our family. Whether you’re currently living in a country that is new or considering a move, I try to share some of the best and worst of life abroad here. The hope is that it gives a fair picture of what life living in gorgeous Europe away from all your normal support system really looks like for us.

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London With Kids

Cities, and living, and children- oh my!

It's true. Traveling and living with little kids in the big city isn't always easy, but it definitely has it's perks.

Take a peek here to get a feel for what city life with kids really looks like. (Spoiler: It’s often a hot mess.) You’ll things we like to do in/around the city, ways we make it manageable and personal thoughts for raising a family in one of the world’s largest, best and, well… most crowded cities.

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