My Normandy | Mauviel’s Factory Outlet

Often when we visit certain places, we often tag up other things to those days. The little pairing somehow enhances the experience in some way- like peanut butter and jelly. Perhaps an unlikely duo when you look at each from face value, but together- it makes a bit of magic.

So we have our little pairs of places we like to enjoy together when we do say trips, and one of these little duos comes on the day we visit Mont St. Michel in Normandy. On our way down to the southern part of the region, we always stop in Villedieu-les-Poêles. 


This town is pretty and an easy stop on your journey down to the southern Normandy. You can park and stumble in to the sleepy little town easily from the car park, grab a sandwich from the boulangerie or sit down for the daily menu offered at Le Pussoir (delicious, but tiny- book ahead or arrive at 12:00 to snag a table). You can pause for a while in the sun by the massive fountain in front of the Hotel du Ville and then stray to take a peek or two in the shops. What you’ll notice immediately when you go inside these shops is that there are loads of cooking supply shops offering pots, pans, dishes and more made from copper.


The reason for this is because of the town’s historical prominence for making copper pots. Since 1830, Mauviel has had their workshop in Villedieu-les-Poêles and charming the world over with their wares ever since.


If you’re French, this brand will need no introduction to you- as it’s what is found in the top kitchens around France. And if you’re American, well, Mauviel probably isn’t new to you either, if you ever wandered into a Williams-Sonoma. (70% of the company’s exports go to the U.S. and most through Williams-Sonoma.)

If you’re in Normandy, do your best to stop by on your way to Mont St. Michel. 

You can visit the workshop everyday except Sunday, from 9-6. I’d recommend driving there, as the walk from city center is about 15 minutes at a slight incline up the entire way. (Plus, you’ll want to toss those dishes in the car and not have to schlep them all around town with you.)


On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can take the factory tour to see the craftsmen making the gorgeous cookware, and afterwards, you can take a peek in the shop where you will see their massive range and get to shop the lines that are conveniently on clearance at 40% - 55% off. Now, sadly, they don’t offer shipping from the workshop- so you won’t be able to outfit your entire kitchen, but it is a special place to grab a pretty pot or two that you can strategically pack in your suitcase home.


Mauviel 1830 Factory & Outlet | 47 Route de Caen, Villedieu-les-Poêles, France

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*images original to Aspiring Kennedy