Bath Bun

The other day while we were in Bath, I posted some pictures on Instagram. Per usual. And per usual, my disgusting mess for a hairstyle seemed to be applauded. It seems that every time I post a picture of myself with a bun, people ask for a how-to. Well... I promise to underwhelm you, but here's is a quick video of what I do.

I'm not sure if this will enlighten anyone, but I thought I would "reveal my secret" to demystify the process a bit. I have a big suspicion the shape and thickness of how top-knots turn out really is more about natural hair length + volume. Then again- I only have my own perspective, so I decided to let you be the judge.

What's your go-to style? Is it based around your hair's natural behavior? Mine can be frizzy and huge, so this is the easiest way I can control it... and attempt to look like a civilized human.

Also, check out my interview with DALLAS CHILD magazine to find some of my how-to-survive-traveling-with-a-baby tips. (And a picture that Noah Darnell took of us in Paris that I'm obsessed with.)



*images and video original to Aspiring Kennedy