Commute To Boot.

My life has recently been changed. One of the big reasons we wanted to move was to reduce commute times. Our old flat was tucked way back in Notting Hill, which made it really charming... and really inaccessible. I had to give myself a full hour to get to school and work, because it was a chain of bus + train + bus. 

In our new flat, I can walk out the door thirty minutes before and still have time to run by Starbucks before class. It's so funny, but to have that extra time back makes life so much better than I could have guessed. It is such a luxury to be less rushed to get to where I need to be and be less exhausted at the end of the day.

While my day is shorter, I'm still crammed in to the Central Line along with all the silent minions moving to and from work during rush hour. It's such a funny culture, especially here in London. My favorite part is definitely how quiet everyone is. If you've got to go to work, at least you have a common area of respected hush as you make your way there.

Plus, I always love to sneak a peek at the funky socks the British businessmen around me have on. I think it's where they let out their naughty sides.

Do you commute? How long does it take you door to door? And what do you do to pass the time? Are you a reader, iPhone gamer, starer, sleeper? 



*images original to Aspiring Kennedy