Little London | Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

There are a few things that are just hard to beat. The glorious department store of Harrods is one of them, as is anything that comes from the world of Disney. This week, Viola & I got to tag along as our friends experienced the new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Harrods.... and we had so much fun! In case anyone is looking for a special birthday treat or day-out with your daughter, here's a quick overview of what the experience is like.

When your child arrives, they check-in and are met by their "Fairy Godmother-in-Training." Once you enter, you're brought to Cinderella's magic mirror for an introduction to the famous Fairy Godmother. Wands are waves, magic words are said, and then you're on your way into the Boutique.  The Boutique is was built by the same team that works on the Disneyland Parks, so the experience is 100% Disney.

The Boutique is a little girl's dream spa. Set up with adorable salon chairs and subtly-themed Princess areas, the girls get to choose their hair style from a book and then go to the changing room where the "little mice and birds have been working throughout the night" to make her dress and shoes are awaiting them.

harrods bippidi boppidi boutique aspiring kennedy
harrods disney boutique frozen experience aspiring kennedy
harrods frozen experience at the bippidi bopped boutique aspiring kennedy

Once they change into their new clothes, princess hair and makeup is done, nails are painted all while pictures are being taken of your child enjoying the experience.  At the end, the princess gets crowned with a pretty tiara and sprinkled with pixie dust.

After the "transformation" is complete, the new Princess gets to pose by a Cinderella Carriage and sit in a throne to take her Princess Promise. It's too cute watching these little girls look completely shocked by the amazing experience they are in the middle of. 

The, admittedly indulgent, experience is for children 3-12. Viola was too little to get the full "princess" experience, but she had a great time tagging along, dancing to the music and watching in awe. You pick your princess ahead of time, so you can have your choice of Disney Princess. Obviously, our group couldn't resist the Frozen Snow Queen Experience.... because, well... what little girl could resist being Elsa? You'll definitely want to book in advance because the line to get in was pretty deep by the time we left!

Can you tell how much fun we had? Someone even got to bring their favorite Frozen character home with them.

Get all the other information about Harrods Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique here. I have a feeling your child (and you!) will not only have a great day, but make some memories that will last for years to come!



Leave it to Disney and Harrods to create something this charming! If only they had a spa for grownups, too.... 




*images original to Aspiring Kennedy