Le Supermarché.

Everyone has their "ticks" when they travel. For me, I can't stay away from grocery stores. I love the packaging. Peeking at what crazy things make up the daily diets of people in new places. I always load up a cart and then beg Tyler to let me buy it. "Some of it... Half of it? ... Okay, fine. How about this weird spice and these cookies?" (I can always get him with the cookies.)

One of my favorite things about working/living in France is daily runs to the store for groceries. In my dream world, it'd be Monoprix all the time... but sometimes, it's not the closest option. Oh man, the French do groceries RIGHT.

The dairy section is as big as the fiction section of most book shops. The yoghurt aisle is an entire wall. Who knew there could be a devoted section solely for Camembert cheese? It's impressive.

So much mustard, it's tear-inducing. (Like all good French mustard should be.)

Goats cheese in every form. Bacon-wrapped. Herb-rolled.  C'est incroyable.

Baby's first potted meat.

While it may seem like a daily chore for some... it's straight up Friday night entertainment for us.

What's the ONE grocery you wish you could have in your grocery store that you bought elsewhere? For me, it's La Fermiére Vanilla Yogurt. Oh gosh, it's so good. We have it here in London, but it's just so much more expensive.





*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

*shirt from Emoi Emoi