An Aspiring Kennedy's Christmas Hamper

The other week, I was invited to attend a tasting a Selfridges for their Christmas Hampers. How could I turn down the chance to nibble on gourmet foods... all while eating brunch in their fabulous Alpine-themed rooftop restaurant, Le Chalet. I'm no fool, so I eagerly showed up for a fun morning. It was a ton of fun... and such a reminder that I am not in Texas anymore!

Where I grew up, in Texas, we got a yearly bag of pecans from family friends, a box of pears from Harry & David... and the yearly arrival of a box of bacon-wrapped filets from my dad's attorneys each year. (Those were amazing, by the way.) But over in Britain, people send out Christmas hampers! Some of the luxury hampers that Selfridges offers are moderately priced- starting around £65... and some go all the way up to £5,000. (Or more, if you add your own personal touches to them.) I can't imagine how quickly I would faint if one of these gorgeous creations ever showed up on my door.

rosie londoner and aspiring kennedy at selfridges 2014

I was also not disappointed by the chance to meet Rosie Londoner. She's really nice and super funny- which are, conveniently enough, my two favorite character qualities.

I love the idea of sending out personalized hampers to my loved ones full of little goodies that I love. I've put one together. What would you put in yours? (Or hope to get from someone?) I put in some of the traditional indulgent nibbles... as well as some pretty accessories. After all, you can put anything you like in them.... and who would be disappointed about an extra makeup bag or scarf? Not this girl.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine


This year, our loved ones are getting Christmas cards... and ourselves when we make a short visit to the States. (Maybe we should pack ourselves inside a hamper to make it a bit more exciting?)

Check out all of Selfridges indulgent goodies available for Christmas hampers here!





*images original to Aspiring Kennedy


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