It's About Time.

When we were working in Paris this past spring, my sister & her husband came to visit. We had a lot of fun exploring the city during the day, but spend the nights cooking dinner at the apartment and lounging around unglamorously in our pajamas in the way you can really only do when it is family that is visiting.

During one of those (glorious!) nights, my sister made me watch ABOUT TIME.... oh my goodness. I loved it. I (kinda) remember when it came out, but didn't hear much about it. Ever since then, I've watched it probably 10 times. It's my go-to movie when I have some lazy alone time. 

I've been trying to tell people about how good it is ever since then. It reminds me of college days when I would preach the goodness of "this really cool British Christmas movie called, 'LOVE ACTUALLY' " to people who could have cared less. No one gave it a chance in theaters, but it eventually grew to fame afterwards. Slowly, people are starting to bring it up and mention how much they love it! Yay! I'm so glad it is getting the attention it deserves. And since it actually does share the same creator of Love Actually and Notting Hill, it's gotta to be kinda great.

So now is your chance, too. Go ahead and trust old, LBK, on this one. If you're into Romantic Comedies, mushiness and cute London settings (which I assume you might be if you put up with my blog!), then I really think you'll love ABOUT TIME.

I found the Youtube trailer, but it made the movie look.... meh. So, instead, I'm showing you a random clip from the movie that I think is sweet. It reminds me so much just the normal moments and routines that we experienced in our first few years in London.