MINNETONKA MOCS: 3 Bears Giveaway


I never really felt too bad

for Goldilocks in the tale

of her indecisiveness while

mooching off the three bears.


I mean, come on girl.


If you're going to break & enter, 

be quick about it and stop dilly-dallying.


But today, maybe I can feel a bit of sympathy

towards having to choose

between Papa, Mama & Baby Bear...

and so will you.


Thanks to the kind people at Minnetonka,

one lucky person will win a pair

of shoes for yourself.


The only trick?


You have to pick from one of the three pairs

worn by Tyler, Viola & myself...


Is now the time when I remind you 

how the classically chic Mama Bear's tastes 

always seemed to be juuuuuust right? 


Yes, apparently, it is.


So whether you are hitting the streets

in the chukka boots from the men's collection...


or trying to hide out somewhere quiet

in an attempt to get some work down

in the kilty mocs from the women's line....



or just being all-around cute kid 

in the velcro-back booties for babies...



.... you've got some good options.

(Thanks, Minnetonka!)

Enter below to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be announced Friday

in order to bestow, in true fairytale fashion,

a happy ending to someone's week.

Good luck!

*photography by Noah Darnell for Aspiring Kennedy