Sophie La Girafe + Harrods


We got duplicates of our Sophie Giraffes

at our baby showers...


But since we were planning 

to have two little girls,

we figured the extras 

would come in handy.


So you can imagine

that, these days, we are somewhat 

swimming in Sophie Les Girafes.


We keep one in my purse,

one in the stroller,

one in the nursery...


and then the other, 

well she's sneaky

and turns up lots of places.


Needless to say,

Sophie is pretty much everywhere

that we are.


So when Harrods sent Viola

their new exclusive range

of Sophie La Girafe

baby bath products,

we could finally take Sophie

into the one part of the day

she typically avoids:

bath time.

(Sophie #3 can attest to the perils of tub...

she's much quieter & squeak-free these days after her swim.)



with ingredients like

white tea & lavender,

the smell is perfectly clean and calming.


Viola gets out of the tub smelling just like a baby should smell.


I love it,

as does someone else

in our house.


Apparently, you never can have enough Sophie in your life.

Check out the new line from Harrods

and make sure to get

a set a special little bundle in your life!





*photography by Noah Darnell for Aspiring Kennedy

*products c/o Harrods