Looser Lundi

Today was almost a great day...

until the second half of the day happened.


Teething babies, time cooking dinner that resulted in a nearly inedible result, and then the realization that I made a huge mistake on a private client's trip.


By the time Tyler got home from a diaper run,

I was teary-eyed and over the day.


He's consoled me by turning on Shakespeare in Love, handing me a Magnum Bar

and leaving me to it while Megan chatted me back into a better mood.


Will it all be fine in the morning?


Honestly, not really...

I'll still have a lot of work to re-do, apologies to make,

and a baby with about a million more teeth to cut.


But will it be eventually fine?




And will I someday wish back these crazy days?


Yeah, I think so.


But for today,

let's just say that "Monday"

translates into "hot mess" around the world.


Hold your head up high people,

we've got four days till the weekend.