Paris Time.




Just like that, our time in Paris is coming to a close. My students have taken their final and are out conquering the continent with their Eurail passes. Tomorrow my parents land and we spend the weekend closing up shop in Paris before jumping around Normandy & Amsterdam for a few days. How did that happen so quickly? I have to say,

I was excited about Paris...Who wouldn't enjoy getting to spend 11 weeks somewhere this great? But while I looking forward to shallow aspects like crepes and museums on my mind, I've been surprisingly charmed by the city on a much more personal level this time around. It helps to have a few friends in a place...and a spot that feels like home to come back to each day...

Just a few small things that turned out to be big things. It's actually been a really refreshing and pleasant time for Tyler & me.


We've spent great time with visitors that we love, and been able to enjoy some good "us" time in the quieter moments of the semester, too. It was a needed break from the past feels a bit like someone hit the 'reset' button for us. It's been good. Really good. I'm sad to say goodbye to this great time, but if I don't....who knows what other adventures I might miss out on?


Thanks for hanging around for this chapter of the adventure. Now then...who's ready for some English summer?