Interesting & Controversial: What's the difference?

Over the past few weeks, I've been mulling around a few thoughts in my head.

I've officially been thinking to myself for far too long

and wanted to toss out my thoughts to you for feedback.

Specifically, I've been thinking through the difference

in being an interesting person

and someone who just spits up controversial topics

to stir up comments and interaction.

I recently saw someone post a picture of a woman nursing a toddler.

The poster left a comment stating that they didn't have an opinion on the issue,

but were curious what other people thought.

Obviously, it had a zillion comments underneath it.

And I just thought.... "Cheap shot."

I know, it's hard to be original in a world of pinterest, instagram and the like.

It all starts running together after a while, doesn't it?

Genuinely new ideas and content can be hard to come by.

So in the midst of so many people saying the same things,

here are some people & things that are standing out to me

amongst the endless chatter of voices online...

The Minimalists: I may look like a well-edited person living in our 700 square foot flat, but the truth is- we have tons of crap sitting in storage in the States. After finding these two guys and their journey into minimalism, I was intrigued. The more I've read, the more I want to chuck all the excess stuff. (So hard with a baby!)

This is Why I'm Broke: Okay, this site makes me laugh. It's the SkyMall of online shopping. Seriously, it's your go-to for December when the inevitable White Elephant gift exchange rolls around. All I can say is get ready for when you scroll across the poop soap.

Annie Fitzsimmons | National Geographic's Urban Insider: This chick is trotting all around the globe to talk travel. Not only does she have the world's BEST job, but she is one of the nicest people out there. Follow her on Instagram and try and keep tabs over how many places she goes. It's impossible.

Grace Patton | Camp Patton: I've been singing the Camp Patton anthem for a while, but I promise, if you click through to her site- you'll be a fan for life. Who that knows of Grace isn't 100% on-board with her hilarious writing, long legs and cute family?

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee | Jerry Seinfeld: This series is so funny. If you have thirty minutes to kill, just click through one of these. I love the conversational nonsense. I laughed so hard during Chris Rock's "Kids needs bullying."

GOOP: Wait, what? Gwyneth makes the list of refreshing voices online? The lady who constantly has eyes rolled at her for spouting nonsense at the masses? Yeah, she does. Why? Because lately the site has been putting out some interesting content. After living in Europe and having a baby, I was doing some big fist pumps over the WORK section in this post. American friends- you are being mistreated in a big way over maternity leave. I grieve this injustice for you, and this piece broke down how bad the US system is.


Okay, now it's your turn.

Give me your favorite people or places to check out online

that offer a refreshing (and preferrably hilarious) take on life.




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