Summer Style.

There's a part of me that loves to reinvent my look...

but as much as I may want to try new styles,

I can not stop myself from buying shirt dresses.

It's definitely a sickness.

While I get tired of my repeat purchases,

I feel great every time I wear them.

They look cleaned up for work.

They look casual for play.

They play well at brunch.

They wear well around town.

Wear them with tights and ballet flats,

or wear them with sandals and a summer scarf.


Oh, and overshare alert- but they are nursing friendly, too.


They just fit every day of my life perfectly...

As well as my pastry-engorged tummy.


Go on, get you one and tell me if you're not a believer.

(Also, GAP is 40% off everything through today. Hooray!)




Happy Memorial Day, friends.

I hope you pause today to think of those who have defended our freedom

and their loved ones who have supported them in their service.



*photos original to Aspiring Kennedy