Three In the Bed...


Here's a confession I can't believe I'm putting online: somehow we ended up letting Viola sleep in our bed. We would have never thought we would do, but somehow amidst the shuffle of traveling, blur of late night feedings and emotions of losing Baby B, it just sort of happened.

Sometimes hotels wouldn't have cots, sometimes it was easier than putting her back in her crib, and sometimes- we just felt better being able to hear her breath next to us.

I know most people feel very strongly about keeping their bed as their bed. No babies allowed. I get it- those little guys end up hogging the bed and you have to move tiny feet out of your face throughout the night. It's a different type of sleep. But man... we loved it. The three of us cuddling up in bed was pretty sweet.

Since we've been in Texas, Viola has officially moved back into her own bed. It's kind of great and kind of sad. (Like all milestones are, I guess?) So here's to remembering a year of feeling like my shoulder was permanently out of socket and the sweetest spooning there ever was.






*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy.