Mediterranean Blues

Is there a place on earth more heavenly than the Mediterranean?


The salty sea air mingling with the scent of lemons...


I just can't think of a place on earth that is more serene.


We had plans of EasyJetting down to Italy this summer

before we ditched our game plan

and landed in Texas for 3 months.


Life may be pretty fun here in Texas,

but I think it is safe to say:

la vita isn't nearly as bella as it is 

on the shimmery blue waters of the Mediterranean.



So in the meantime,

I'm wearing strappy sandals around Kroger,

eating copious amounts of ice cream, 

and pinning my Mediterranean Blues away.



Do any of you have grand summer plans on the horizon?


Go on. Tease me with your glamorous itineraries....

I'll swap you for tales from the public library and snow cone stand.




Also, THANKS for the excitement over THE HUNDRED.

We were blown away with the registration the first day!

There are spots still available. We hope you'll be able to be there, too.




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