GIVEAWAY | Anorak Attack.


If you go to London parks, you have a good chance of seeing people grazing on picnic spreads spilled over blankets. And in these scenic moments, when you spot a cheery print in the sea of faded blankets and makeshift ground coverings, you've probably spotted the cute British brand, Anorak, in their element.


I first fell in love with the Kissing Rabbits print during a picnic with my friend Meg last summer in Hampstead. So when Anorak offered for me to check out their line, I said "Yes!"


And they have been sooooo nice for picnics, and popsicles... and any moment that you don't really want to sit on the dirty ground, really.

Also, the Proud Fox sleeping bags! Aren't they adorable? Viola and I spent the early evening "camping out" with some books and s'mores. I couldn't believe how much she loved playing in them, crawling down to the bottom, and cuddling up on the pillow to read. 

I love these pieces and have a feeling they'll be a staple on any outdoorsy outing this family takes for many years to come. 

Now then, who else wants them, too?


Enter below for your chance to score

a fox sleeping bags and a rabbit picnic blanket.


Winner will be chosen August 2.