Coffee Talk



In the US, the average person consumes around 9 lbs of coffee per year. Which seemed like a lot to me, until I read that people in Finland put away, on average, 26 lbs of coffee each year!

(Surprising to me, that the UK is only about 4 lbs, but let's be honest: they're all drinking tea.) 

I've come to the point in life where I love coffee... but, for the life of me, can not finish a cup. I nurse my morning cup of coffee all the way to lunch. I drive through Starbucks for an afternoon boost, and I almost always order decaf with dessert when in the States. I just, you know, don't drink it. I'm starting to wonder if I'm just addicted to the smell? 

Oh, well. What about you? Can you put coffee away? I'm always intrigued by people who honestly don't have a taste for coffee. It's just so delicious!





*image original to Aspiring Kennedy

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