Here vs. There | Dining Out


Having new students arrive so often leaves me with the chance to ALWAYS be seeing & explaining the cultural differences between the US & Britain. I also get to answer a lot of the same questions again and again. (Will they take US dollars? What is a pudding? Why is everyone so quiet on the tube? Etc.) Generally, I like it. My dorky side enjoys explaining the cultural nuances so it's pretty fun to constantly rehash the same conversations. Though I have yet to come to a good defense for their passion for meat-flavored crisps. Gag.

The biggest hurdle for visitors to adapt to in Europe is definitely dining out. The ingredients and portion sizes are always noted, but it's the speed of service that always gets people. (Do you think that they forgot about us? Do these people not want to make money? And the most popular, Where the %&$! is our bill?)

Moments like that are a definite contrast to life in the States where you can always count on being asked if you "saved any room for dessert?" as the pre-printed ticket is slid on the table. 

The pace in Europe is just... slower. It, generally, suits my style. Though sometimes I get confused in dining out in London. They seem to pick & choose between "metropolitan city" and "quaint village" paces at moments of varying discretion. Overall though, I like it lingering over a meal and sitting with a coffee for until I feel completely satisfied with food and conversation. 

What about you? Do you love it or does it drive you crazy?





*image original to Aspiring Kennedy