To A Tea | BB Bakery Double Decker Tea Tour

The day my students first arrive in London, we typically take them on a private coach tour around the city with a guide. It's a tradition that is expensive and (slightly) boring, but we do it so that they can see all the famous places they've been thinking about for so long and to get them familiar with the city. 

Earlier this summer my friend, Stephanie, sent me a tweet about BB Bakery's Afternoon Tea Bus Tour. (She always finds the best stuff and sends it to me.) Afternoon tea served on a vintage route-master while cruising around London? Brilliant.

So instead of doing our normal tour, I swapped the plans and we all did this as a group. It ended up costing almost the same and was considerably more awesome. Totally touristy, but if you can get over feeling a little dorky, it is really fun! 

photo 2-1.JPG

The food was really good, too. Going into it, I wasn't sure if the "tea" would just be an afterthought, but everything was really delicious. While I wouldn't say this is a place to meet up with a friend to catch up (because the price tag is a bit hefty at £45pp), it is a great way to celebrate. Save it for visitors to London, birthdays and hen parties- it's worth the splurge for special occasions of that caliber. 

They can also accommodate (in a yummy way!) vegetarians and those in need of GF alternatives.


Sound like fun? Visit the BB Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour page here for more information.

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*images original to Aspiring Kennedy