Over the Moon: LUNAFEST.


Full disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Thanks for reading, clicking and supporting LUNAFEST. It's a pretty awesome thing.


Right now, Luna Bar is hosting a film fest around the country that focuses on women "game changers." It's called LUNA FEST. Have you heard about it? I feel like I've seen so many tweets chatting about it, and I love that! Not only does the film fest celebrate women filmmakers, but it also has raised $2.5m for breast cancer research. 

I was invited to attend part of LUNAFEST hooplah, but unfortunately- the old Atlantic is keeping me away. (It looked pretty fun, too.) The event was focused on game changers.... and I couldn't help think of how many women have stepped into my life at just the right moment. Maybe they didn't change the game for me, but they flipped my world upside- in the best way.

Friends, Mom. Aunts. Camp Counselors. Professors. Co-workers. Bloggers. Midwives. Expats. 

They're the women that cheered me on through good times. Awkward times. Exciting times. Tough times. Normal times.

I'd like to thank many of you, too, for being there in life for me at those needed moments. You've changed the game for me, too, but your kindness and friendship. Maybe it sounds silly 

And thanks to LUNA Bars. As silly as these corporate events may sometimes sound, I really do love them for their ability to fund people doing something worthwhile together. Thanks to them for sponsoring LUNAFEST. (Maybe next years invite will come with a plane ticket.) :)

Check out the event page site for your local LUNAFEST. You're invited and they want you there. Go for it. Or just watch their happy video trailer below. It'll pump you up.

Okay... my mushy time is over. Now it's yours.

Leave a women who was a game changer for you below. Let's hear it.  ... and if you, too, lived on the lemon Luna Bars in college. I was addicted!




*image via. video original to LUNAFEST by LUNA Bars.