Little London | The Diana Memorial Playground by Kensington Palace

I get so many emails from parents asking where they can take their kids in London. Truth be told, I'm not the best at seeking these places out. I just kinda take Viola wherever we go... but I thought I'd try to jot down a few places as I uncover them. And you know, maybe you can share some places you love, too, because... it never hurts to have a spot like that in your back pocket.

Today I met some friends at the Diana Memorial Playground near Kensington Palace. It was an empty day at the park- just the occasional nanny + baby pushing their way into the gates every few minutes... but for the most part, the place was ours for the having. After all, it is a Wednesday in January. May not get more remote than that!

After we had all we could handle of the cold weather, we wanted to go grab coffee or tea somewhere nearby. Amber had never been to the Orangery before, so we were more than happy to oblige her and go!

Now I know what you're thinking: Kensington Palace Orangery is the place to take toddlers? True. It's a beautiful space with china on the tables where people come to splurge on a beautiful afternoon tea. Yes, yes, you're right. But here's the thing: nobody really goes in the mornings.

If you go during their breakfast, the place is relatively empty. Literally, there were two other tables when we walked in with people. And while the tea menu is a bit steep, the breakfast menu is completely reasonable. (I think my yoghurt, granola + berries were £5.95 and juice £2.75?)  Plus, the menu has some really yummy treats on it for Breakfast like waffles with caramel apples and cinnamon cream, eggs benedict, and fresh croissants stuffed with ham and cheddar.

It's a really gorgeous space to go, warm up and not worry that you're baby is bothering anyone when they realize that their spoon can also double as a drumstick. 

The service isn't slow, so you don't have to be stuck there for ages if you don't want to be... and there is some good space between the tables and the walls for the kids to crawl around in after they get tired of sitting while you ignore them and catch up with friends. 

If you can't tell from my repeat visits on Instagram this week, I'm obviously a big fan of the playground + Orangery combination... so don't be surprised if you see us there, too!






*images orignal to Aspiring Kennedy