Hyde Out.

Yesterday was full on.  Getting the kids to church on my own while Tyler went early for set-up, trekking across town to eat lunch with my students and a birthday party over Ben & Jerry's to follow- I was ready to get home, toss on some Disney and relax. The Sunday coma was setting in on my body. Tyler left after lunch for a meeting and I just had to single-handedly schlepp the stroller with both kids back to our flat to make my lazy afternoon dreams a reality.

Tyler texted me as I boarded the bus that he had my keys in his pocket and wouldn't be able to get them to me for 2.5 hours. At first, I was super annoyed ("You took my keys?!?! Bring them back right now. Your fault!"), but I didn't want to be that wife. Then I felt the wash of martyrdom coming over me ("Don't worry about it. I'll just take the kids myself all day and figure it out despite the fact I am SO tired and you really screwed me over, but its fine because I am so nice and will take care of it.") And just as I was resolved to settle in sainthood of being the poor stranded wife, my bus terminated along a random exit along Hyde Park. 

So there I was forced to walk a mile home to compound the craziness.... but instead, I turned in the park just as both kids were waking up from their bus-induced snoozes. I did my best to take off my princess hat (or is it a witch hat? They kinda look alike, don't they?) and be happy just being stuck outside with my kids. We wandered around the park and, soon enough, the annoying mishap became a great afternoon crunching leaves together. The day ended up being so much better in spite of the crappy detour... and it also got better when I decided to just let it go. Sometimes things are so busy that I have a hard time letting go of control and just going with the moment.

So why am I blogging about such a small part of a random day? I don't know. Maybe to save a pretty day with some cute photos for another day. Maybe to remind myself that things can be as good as I want them to be. Maybe to remind myself that small moments like that and how I respond to them reflects a lot about my heart. 


I wish I had a grand conclusion to there where I tell you that I've solved the problem and I no longer will respond poorly to things... but the truth is, I haven't and I still will. (Womp! Womp!) I'm trying though! Working on that (real) sanctification... and in the meantime, doing my best to keep silly things light-hearted.

Happy Monday! I hope that you don't get locked out today and that, if you do, you have a pretty place to help buffer the blow.



*images original to Aspiring Kennedy