Owners Guide to Rented Homes.


Okay... we used to have a home. (See the ancient home tour I did years ago of it!) Since we moved overseas, we live the life of a renter. While there are pros to having your own property, there are some serious perks to renting. Basically, not having to worry about figuring out how to fix anything that breaks. Ha! We just make a call and within a day, someone is there to fix it and we never see a bill. Home ownership of a 1920's bungalow always had expensively mundane bills springing up, so this is nice for the busy season of life we are in.

Tyler has some serious qualms about putting nail holes in the wall... to which I can only say, worth every single of that deposit we won't get back. Naked white walls make me fifty shades of grey. Or something like that. 

But the only problem with filling your walls with art is that it takes, you know, art to do it. And a lot of art is really expensive. I wish I could tell you that I had a wealthy aunt in Provence that willed me her favorite paintings, but alas... no luck. But I do have Minted who is awesome and has art at any size that I need, so consider this my one tip. (But hey, it's a good one!)

And it doesn't just look cool, but it's the right price point for me to find a few pieces that work... or find one big piece that can make the space.

Our entryway, or as we lovingly know it as "the bottleneck," there is a tight skinny corridor that leads from the front door to the living room. It was an endless abyss of blank walls until I stumbled upon these cute birthstone prints. I got one for everyone in our family, and they hang (typically crooked from toddler running and front door slamming) there for me to enjoy everyday as I dump my pockets out and kick off my shoes after a long day.

I love them.

I also love our nightstand. I have a butterfly from the creepy and amazing taxidermist down the road from us in Paris. I have a bottle I found in an antique shop with my friends from work the first time we traveled to Avignon. And I have that pretty anchor print that has no sentimental value other than it makes our room feel complete.

As we get older and student loans get smaller, I hope that we can collect fine art... but for now, Minted is the perfect fit for making our home bright. Try it! I think you'll love it. Especially the sweet silhouettes that they do of children or the letterpress artwork of their hand drawn creations. Minted has the prettiest color palettes to bring a blah room to life.

Okay. That's all. I ordered these months ago and have been dying to share them since... and I finally got some really awful lighting to show them off. ha! It's the best I can do with short daylight hours here in London during the fall/winter. :) Check out Minted- they have 20% off their foil-pressed art right now, too!

Do you have special artwork? If so, how did you get it? By putting in the investment or by stumbling across good luck like a discarded masterpiece on bulk trash day?