Lanvin LITE

The other week, I posted an Instagram of some shoes from The Real Real- I LOVE THIS SITE. It's used designer clothes, and the prices are amazing. I've found some great things, and they are always so much cheaper than I can even find on eBay. Plus, I know they are "real," and that I won't get ripped off by some crazy internet wacko.

All that to say, I love it and trust it. Last summer, I bought some used Lanvin flats on eBay. (This was before The Real Real existed!) I have grown to really love them, and seem to work them into most outfits I own. It didn't hurt to see so many gorgeous women wearing well-worn pairs of their own around Paris this week either. Validation? Mais, oui.

I was SO excited to see that The Real Real has a great selection of gently used shoes... and, ding! ding! ding! They have Lanvin flats, too. The most expensive pair that I found when I was browsing (read: filling up my online shopping cart with a million things I can't afford) was $125... which, compared to new ones at $800, made me so happy.

Here are some of my favorites. Since there are only one pair of each, they go fast. Keep checking the site for new items. What I'm introducing to is a great/terrible thing.


ONE   |   TWO   |   THREE   |   FOUR   |   FIVE   |   SIX


Have you ever bought a cult item like these? did you end up becoming a lifelong fan or feel underwhelmed? I've definitely felt underwhelmed from other purchases, but these shoes have me hooked.





*image original to Aspiring Kennedy