Hot & Cold

Life's busy and boring all at the same time right now. So much homework! So many dirty clothes! So many dinners to cook! But you know, good all at the same time. I know this is normal life for many/most of these day. In the midst of checking off to-do lists, can we just have some silly, meaningless chatter on something kinda stupid? Somehow this kind of mindless talk breaks up the day... so without further ado....

You say "September," I say "Time to belt a down comforter around your body."

You say "September," I say "Time to belt a down comforter around your body."

Today, we had some friends over. The girls made cinnamon rolls (a huge giant double batch) to bring to church tomorrow.... because, if we can't have donuts at church here in England, this can be the next best thing. The guys went across the street to the pub and had baby duty.

After we conquered making the cinnamon rolls, we spent the rest of the evening sitting around the table eating, talking and working our way through some Ben & Jerry's. One of the conversations that came up was the battle of the thermostat- something that is a constant battle in our house.

As someone who is ALWAYS cold, I love turning up the thermostat to an unreasonably high degree. Do you want to know what my default thermostat setting is? 82 degrees. Ha!

I figure, you can always turn it down if you you get hot. Or open a window for immediate relief. I just can't handle being cold while I'm outside all day and then coming into a home that is also cold. I dream of hot August days and rarely notice when a room is stuffy- though public transportation in the summer is, admittedly, brutal and smelly. Except for those occasionally lousy bus rides during heat waves, I'd just about always rather be too warm than cold.

It seems like it was an even split: the guys are always hot and the girls are always cold. (I feel like this is always the case?) Yes? Is this a guy/girl thing? Or do you find that you're on the other side of the issue?

And further more... who typically wins this debate? It seems like hot-natured always wins with the excuse that "you can always add layers." I think it should be split in the middle- a good 74ish degrees. How warm do you keep your house? Or would you even describe it as "warm?" :) Some of my friends houses are intentionally arctic.