Sleep | Once Upon A Time


I'll be honest: I can operate on not a lot of sleep. When people ask me how I juggle kids, work, school and blogging, all I can say is: I don't get nearly enough sleep.

But lately, my booty has been getting kicked in the sleep department. And it's not by the newborn that has arrived. It's our toddler.

Holy Moly. 

I'm embarrassed to admit, but we are having to sleep train our 2.5 year old. It's not pretty and I didn't want to ever have to do this... but naps and bedtime have become a 1.5-2 hour ordeal every night. What was once a cute time to cuddle has become a dreaded marathon every night. I have no doubt that this is our fault, but for the longest time, cuddling with Viola as she fell asleep was an easy and painless solution. Until it wasn't.

So here we are. Weekend warriors. Only this weekend, the war is against sleep. Or maybe the toddler? I don't know, but I hate. hate. hate this. Has anyone else been here? Please tell me it does work and that we aren't ruining our child.



If anyone out there needs some advice or sound medical perspective, Dr. Craig Canapari has a blog with loads of topics that I have found helpful and encouraging for whatever stage or situation you may be at. Check it out, if you're in a similar nocturnal boat.



*images original to Aspiring Kennedy