This week. It has been a blur. A tough blur of work, hosting dinner parties at our place, and never feeling rested because of the sleep training drama. (Yes, it's still happening. Things are better... then worse, then better again. Two steps forward and the like.) 

By the time Saturday morning came around, I needed some time with Tyler to recenter. We both run around throughout the week trying to juggle all the various aspects of our lives... and sometimes, we spend too much of that time apart. It can get to the point where we look at each other and realize that we are doing a lot as husband + wife without enjoying our lives together in the process.

So the day was a slow one- spent taking care of each other in small ways, but the ways that remind each other that you care about them: a cup of coffee without asking, saying thanks for doing an unglamorous chore and indulging them in a stop for ice cream way too close to dinner time, (obviously that was my request... old habits die hard) and not flinching when it is suggested to eat dinner out rather than cook at home (again, all me).


Take a cue from my kind husband and initiate being kind to someone feeling worn down. It will make their day.


*images original to aspiring kennedy