My Reykjavik | Sandholt Bakery


I'm starting a mini-series of a few of my (new!) favorite places to eat in Iceland's capital city, Reykjavik. The city has changed SO much since we first started traveling there four years ago. The rising economy and the boom in tourism is changing this city quickly. I'll sprinkle these out over the weeks to come. Be on the lookout if you're planning a trip to Iceland! 

The first place that I want to share with you is Sandholt Bakery. Shocker that I picked a bakery, no? But this place is the place to go when you are looking for something beyond the typically Scandinavian savory spread for breakfast. This is the place to find a perfectly baked croissant, a giant slice of cake... or some traditional pastries done just right. I don't know another place in Iceland that even competes with the level of baking that Sandholt does.


Because I do have access to great croissants in London, I asked the girls working what were the "most Icelandic" things that I could try. If these are the best bakers in Iceland- I want to try the best of the best! They pointed me in the direction of a kleiner, snudar and vanilla danish. They added that the danish was more "Scandinavian" than specifically Icelandic... but not to be missed.


Let me give you a little Icelandic-pastry-play-by-play....

First up, the kleiner. The kleiner is Iceland's answer to a donut. It's always in the traditional twisted diamond and is unfrosted. You can buy them in bakeries or in grocery stores in bags of ten. To be honest, they're not my favorite. I prefer a glazed, softer donut... but maybe, someday, they'll grown on me.

The next up on our trial list was the snudar- a sweet bun. You'll see these covered in caramel or chocolate. I opted for the chocolate, at the recommendation of the sweet girl working behind the counter. Again... I have to say, it wasn't my cup of tea. A bit too dry, but I could see how people could grow up and love these.

Yet don't worry... our visit was not fruitless. Last, and not least, was the vanilla and almond danish By far, it was the best treat I have had in a while. Oh my. GET THE DANISH.

The next day, my sweet friend, Ashel, went and bought me one for breakfast. I felt so spoiled to have a second chance with one of these lovely treats.

Make a stop by Sandholt when you're in Reykjavik. Whether you have time to sit down and enjoy sweets in their cafe- or just grab some goods for the go. (Plus, it's hard to beat the shopping around it on the hip street it is located on, Laugavegar.)

Sandholt Bakery. Laudavegar 36, Reykjavik Iceland  | +354 551 3524

 Open every day, 06:30am to 8:00/9:00pm




*images by Ashel Parsons