My Reykjavik | Reykjavik Roasters

The week before we went to Iceland, Tyler had some work projects that came up. The result of said work projects was that he couldn't come with us anymore. Luckily, my sister swooped in and rescued us by taking Tyler's space and helping with the kids. (You may find it hard to believe, but it's hard to focus on 23 other humans when you have two babies with you. Sarcasm heavily noted.)

Anyway, sister arrived. Day was saved. Iceland carried on as normal. Students had a fantastic trip. All was good. While the trip was wonderful, I will say: I missed Tyler! I missed seeing Iceland with him. So many of the sites there are special to us. We have memories together when I was pregnant with the girls and when Viola was so so tiny. The sites and restaurants that we love are special to us... but I was also excited to find a few new places that I could bring him next year.

The place that is on the top of that list is Reykjavik Roasters. If you're looking for a hip, understated Scandinavian coffee shop- this one ticks all the boxes. 

Not only does Reykjavik Roasters have a great vibe and a mean cup of coffee... but they also have delicious eats, too. Croissants, Sarah Bernhardt cookies (the dessert of my dreams) and Omnon Chocolate (coincidentally, the chocolate of my dreams). 

We had a great time there. We ate too many sweets and got overly jazzed on caffeine. But as good of a time as we had this time, I can't wait to be back there with Tyler next time.


REYKJAVIK ROASTERS | Karastigur 1, Reykjavik 



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*images by Ashel Parsons