Working (On) The Weekend

Since we have landed back in London, we've been a bit nutty. Jetlag, potty training (better late than never?), two teeth for Harrison, two molars for Viola, and a dose of colds for all of us complete with congestion that keeps a baby from sleeping well and hacking coughs that wake up the rest of our tiny flat throughout the night.

I mean, it's fine. It's just the standard recipe for a Chaos Cocktail, and we've been poured a double. The Fitbit I was given for Christmas has been discarded only a few days into use after it showed me I had slept for 6 hours, interrupted 21 times and awake 7 times in the night. Ha! I decided it was best to live in ignorance on those sorts of statistics.

Phew. Needless to say, this weekend wasn't as much of a recharge as it was two more days of the crazy. Oh well. We are fine and these kids really do make it worth it. It's bizarre how much someone can annoy the mess out of you and you miss them again so quickly when you leave the flat for a small break of fresh air.


And it also helps to go through the mess of the everyday with someone you really enjoy being with! St. Tyler in all his glory.

So here's to Monday! Wishing us (and you!) some sweet normalcy and boring days!

*images original to aspiring kennedy