Have a Heart | Carve a Heart

The last few weeks, I've had fun talking about Halloween costume ideas with Viola. We have thought up fun ideas, looked up costume ideas for them and finally, settled on one that would work for her and Harrison. I clicked "Buy Now" on my Amazon app and they arrived the next day. It couldn't have been easier.

In fact, most things about our lives are pretty easy. The basics are exceptionally easy for most of us living in the first world...heck, I have all the food my family needs delivered to my door the next day for £0.99.

But I think if we are honest, many of us have quiet moments when we wonder... what if. What if all the basics were suddenly gone. How would we cope if we found our families without access to the most fundamental things for survival.

The past few months, my heart has ached for Syria so much. I read articles about what is happening in Aleppo. I read articles about families drowning in the treacherous attempt to get away from their home- the one place in the world that should feel the most safe, but no longer does. I read about what the masses of children alone in refugee camps- shivering in the cold weather, without parents, without money, without food and without hope.

I know I'm not alone in feeling helpless for these people. When I learned of World Vision's #CarveAHeart contest to carve a heart into a pumpkin- I jumped at the chance to do something.

The campaign is asking people to carve a heart in a pumpkin and share it during the days surrounding Halloween. And they are also asking people in the U.K. to text HEART to 70060 to donate £3* and help support the work.

So today, we picked out pumpkins and carved them in hopes that somewhere a child sleeps more comfortably, or a mother has food to keep her energy up so that she carry her child further, or a father can watch his family be taken care of in simple ways that he hasn't been able to provide for them in too long.

And I'll be honest- getting to give that small gift couldn't have been easier, too.

This post isn't sponsored... but please know that it is me trying really hard to "sell you something..." I hope you'll grab your phone and text World Vision now to help someone in (serious!) need.

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy