Out and About (to Leave).

See those faces? Those are the faces of four people who have just handed in their keys and are no longer residents of Notting Hill. (Well, three people, I suppose. Harrison didn't get the family-selfie announcement.) So long, Carlyle Mansions. You brought us so many great memories, a new baby and a ton of crazy afternoons and sweet moments, but our days there are no more!

This week, we packed up our stuff, put everything in storage and moved out of our flat. The packing was more brutal than we thought- who knew so much stuff was possible in a house that small? Apparently, we are the world's biggest hoarders because we were up 5:00am packing on Thursday night (or should I say Friday morning?). 

Our victory shot, taken at 04:52am.

But by 9am Friday morning, the movers were there and it was all loaded up fairly quickly and taken away to a storage unit. (Okay, fine, two storage units. We had to get a second one after it was all said and done.) The flat was then empty and we headed to our favorite neighborhood pub, Windsor Castle, for lunch.

Now we're in a hotel overlooking St. Pancras (Pullman Hotel- highly recommend!). We're enjoying early bedtimes, late breakfasts at the Granger & Co. by Kings Cross and meeting up with friends before we hit the road. 

I even put on makeup today, too!

Tomorrow, we head out on another Paris adventure. A great escape from the regular routine of life- one that feels really familiar, but still gives me butterflies when I think about it. 

So here we go. Paris again. This time, we'll have another kid in the mix. I'm not sure we'll be able to make it look as effortless as we did last time... but hey, I promise we'll still have a ton of fun, eat really well and make some great memories. 

Join on the adventure on Instagram and Snapchat (It really is so fun, guys! Try it!). I'll be sharing frequent glimpses of our life in Paris, so check in there for more of the casual moments.

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*images original to aspiring kennedy