Mother's Day (The Anthropologie Way)

Back in England, Mother's Day is right around the corner. Sunday morning, Mother's all over the United Kingdom will be fluffing flowers in vases, putting on pretty crisp blouses to wear to brunch and getting a tiny sliver of the applause the deserve for their year-round effort.

Before we left for Paris, I hosted a little Mother's Day brunch. Except it wasn't really for other Mothers, but for some women that have made my life as a mom so much better by helping with our kids in various ways- helping out when I have something for work spring up, watching them in the creche on Sundays, or maybe just being a constant source that I can talk to about everything from sleep struggles to silly stories from the day.

It wasn't a huge deal- just an average weekday get together with some killer plates to set the scene- but those women deserve at least a spread of food for the help they share. This baby-raising gig isn't easy, and good friends who shoulder that are a rare gift. 

Pop over the (obviously gorgeous) Anthropologie Blog to see the whole morning we had together- complete with my own mom's recipe for some quick and easy Texas biscuits with some honey butter to slather on top.

Also, I've done a bit of a candid interview with them discussing Motherhood. I always feel a bit shy at the thought of getting so personal to the online world, but something came over me and I let a bit loose.

In the spirit of sharing the love with those who stand out to you- both as helping mother your children or as a fill-in mom to you, I'd love for you to tell us about them below. (And then go buy them flowers!)



*images original to Aspiring Kennedy