All is Wright With The World.


I often hear bloggers say that "blogging is dead." With social media offering so much variety, people feel that blogs are a dying art. Maybe that's true, but I think we (as bloggers) can't lay all the blame on social media's popularity. I think part of it comes with how bloggers have changed since their starting days.

And so, maybe blogging is dying. Maybe it isn't. But I want to post a post that feels like one I might have posted a few years back.... back before things were so glossy and blog posts all seemed perfect. It isn't part of a series. It isn't sponsored. It has no purpose other than sharing a small part of my day that was great.

And by great, I mean.... fresh-warm-baked-foccacia-the-size-of-small-tires great.



I bought this little packet on Ocado (delivered groceries! 0.99!) because it had great reviews. To be honest, I wondered if I would ever get around to actually making it because, well, it seemed ambitious even if it was a mix.



But Tyler got up with the kids this morning letting me sleep for 12 hours in the first time in.... I honestly don't know. I woke up and felt like I could do something miraculous.... And since I'm in no shape for a physical endeavor, I opted for baking. It ended up being so fun and rewarding. Thank you, Wrights Baking, for making me feel like a winner today.



It was just the right amount of easy + homemaker to make me super satisified..... and the whole process turned out three pans of foccacia bread. So, yeah, we can say the return on investment was high.



Honestly, I have no idea why I am even posting this... is it really noteworthy to remember making bread from a mix? Not really, but here's the truth: a lot of days we are just hustling to keep it all together. So, when a day comes along, where I feel totally rested, my kids are being great and I actually suceed at a culinary attempt- I guess it feels like a bigger deal than it is.



So here's to celebrating the little things... and little ones, too. In the midst of craziness, I need to remember to celebrate them, too!



*images original to aspiring kennedy