London Is Pink!

Okay, to be fair- not all of London is pink, but many streets are and ours happens to be one of them.


Walking in and out of the house feels like a fairy tale.

As Viola said yesterday, “It’s like pink snow, but snow that isn’t slippery or cold!” 


It’s true. It floats down and covers everything in the sweetest and softest hue.

We are big fans of this time of year- truly one of my favourites because of how gorgeous it is.

For some reason, the last tree to bloom is always the one just outside the kids’ window... but it’s worth it. It glows the brightest pink of them all. It’s starting to ignite in pink prettiness and I love walking by and seeing my babes playing beside it.


Why is it the simplest moments that seem like the sweetest in time? I know these pink blossoms will always stand out as a glory of these London years.


For more pretty pink pictures of London, follow my friend Julie’s Instagram account: London Is Pink. It keeps this cute hue in London year-round.

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy